Catherine L Reed

Current & Recent Students

Morgan Kyle Berlin
Neuroscience, Pomona '19
Research Assistant
Stanford University

Nathaniel Braswell
CMC '24

Anthony Burre
Neuroscience, CMC '19

Aditi Chitre
Neuroscience, CMC '22

Kristine Cho
Pomona '22

Emily Diamond
Psychology, Scripps '20

Aditi Garg
Psychology, Scripps ‘22

Emilia Hagen, Neuroscience, Scripps '18
Cartoon Network

Adrienne Jo, CMC '19
Ph.D., UPenn Pharmacology

Jessica Kim
Neuroscience, CMC ‘20

Emily Lavine
Psychology, Scripps ‘19

Hannah McCarthy Potter
Psychology, Scripps ‘20

Abraham Saikley
Neuroscience, CMC ‘20

Aleena Young
Neuroscience, CMC ‘15
Physician Assistant

Jackson Zeledon
Psychology/Econ, CMC ‘19
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Start Up

Aviva Bhansali, CMC'17
Psychology, Associate Consultant, Aon

April Carlson, CMC'16
MD, Tufts University

Summer Clay, Ph.D., CGU

Embodied Decision Making and EEG.

Danielle Green, M.A., CGU
User Research Manager,

Natalie Katz, Neuroscience, CMC'17
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Iris Liu, CMC'16
Consultant, BCG

Ortal Livyatan, CMC'16
Social Media Manager, Fuck Cancer

Madison Lodge, Neuroscience, CMC'16

Niti Nagar, Neuroscience, CMC'16
MD/MBA, Georgetown University

Troy Odo
Biology/Psychology, CMC'16
Lab Assistant, Clinical Labs of Hawaii

George Park, Ph.D., CGU
Human Factors Engineer, Systems Tech, Inc.

Tony Sidhom Neuroscience, CMC '16

Audrey Siqi-Liu
Psychology, CMC'18
Ph.D. Duke Cognitive Neuroscience

Daivik Vyas
Neuroscience, CMC '16
MD/Ph.D., Stanford University

Collin Xa
Neuroscience, CMC '16
MD, George Washinton University

Ivan Xa
Neuroscience/CS, CMC
Software Engineer/Programmer


University of Denver, Ph.D.

Betsy App
Omni Research & Training, Inc.

Biology/Psychology. Project: Frames of reference for the rubber limb illusion.

Joshua Baker
Senior Clinical Site Specialist, United BioSource Corporation

University of Denver, Psychology. Thesis: Walking reveals trunk orientation bias for attention. Regis University, MA, Applied Psychology.

Stefan Bate
Executive Director, A New Path

Post-doc, University of Denver

Paula Beall
University of Texas, Ph.D.

CMC, Psychology. Project: Biased attention for functional hand and tool space.

Ryan Betz
Nuclear Science Officer, WMD, U.S. Army

Pitzer College, Neuroscience. Thesis: Early and late hand proximity effects on visual evoked potentials. Won Best Thesis in Neuroscience Award.

Ben Brekke
USC, Graduate Student in Medical Statistics

CMC, Economics/Finance.Thesis: How stress and relaxation affect risky decision making.

Chris Brigham
Investment Analyst, Longview Asset Management

Pitzer College, '14, Neuroscience/Pre-med. Selected Projects: Occupy Wall Street: Mood, Fairness, & Empathy in an Ultimatum Game; The influence of age on early and late hand proximity effects on visual evoked potentials; Individual differences influence learning of risk distribution.

Julie Filo
City of Hope Hospital

Scripps College, Psychology. Clark University, Ph.D., Developmental Psychology.

Katherine Frazier
Lecturer, Northeastern University

University of Denver, Biology/Psychology. Post-docs: Georgia State University, Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Hani Freeman
University of Texas, Austin, Ph.D.

CMC, Cognitive Science. Project: Emotional perception and social orienting in autism.

Libby Friede
Technical Sales Associate, Sungevity

CMC , '14, Neuroscience/Economics, Robert Day Scholar. Thesis: The overconfident effect: sexual dimorphism in the neurobiology of homo economicus.

Grant Gaither
Fulbright Scholar, English teaching assistant

Harvey Mudd College, Chemistry/Art. Project: The relative contributions of the face and body to configural processing.

Matthew Garber
Artist, Scientist, Inventor

University of Denver, Ph.D.

John P. Garza
Director, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

University of Denver, Honors Psychology. Thesis: Implied body action directs spatial attention.

Will Gervais
Associate Professor, Psychology
University of Kentucky

University of Denver, Ph.D

Jeffrey Grubb
Aerospace Experimental Psychologist, U.S. Navy

CMC, Government/Middle East Studies. Project: Emotional perception from body and face movement cues. Harvard, Graduate School of Education.

Krysten Hartman
Project coordinator, Middle East Initiative, Belfer Center

CMC, Neuroscience. Project: The neural bases of embodied attention

Sumaiya Hashmi
Software Development Engineer, Amazon

CMC, '14, Honors Psychology. Thesis: Situational Context, Philosophical Belief, and Moral Constructs: The Multifaceted Nature of Moral Judgment.

Jessie Huang
US Marketing Intern, Qubit

CMC, Honors Psychology/Economics. Thesis: Altered perception: The influence of dimension, speed, and direction on time perception.

Spencer Kline
Director and General Manager, Cogo Labs

Pitzer College, Neuropsychology. Thesis: Embodied attention in older adults: Influence of hand location on P1, N1, Nd1, and P3 components in aging.

Abigail Kramer
Palo Alto University, Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology

CMC, Neuroscience. Thesis: Bodily state as context: The effect of mood on emotion perception.

Rebekka Manzella
California State University, Dominguez Hills, Occupational Therapy Program

CMC, Neuroscience. Thesis: Covert attentional orienting to implied human action in adults with autism.

Heather Marra
Physicians Assistant, Hatfield Family Medicine

University of Denver, Ph.D.

John E. McGoldrick
Senior Researcher, Center for Research Strategies

CMC, Psychology/Literature. Thesis: Body matters in emotion: constrained body position dominance emotions.

Kathryn Mgrublian
Senior Account Executive, Fleishman-Hillard

Pitzer College, Neuroscience. Project: Where do we look when we look for emotion?

Leah Milne-Wright
Portland State University, MA in Clinical Social Work program

University of Denver, Ph.D.

Eric Moody
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Denver, Honors Psychology/Biology . Thesis: The embodiment of perceptual expertise and configural processing. University of Toledo, M.D.

Andrew Nyberg
Emergency Medicine, University of Utah Health Care

Harvey Mudd College, '14, Biology major. Thesis: Influences of Satiety & Body Satisfaction on Spatial Attention: An Electrophysiological Study. Selected Projects: NSF RA: Hand location affects visual processing under distributed but not focused; Spatial attention: An electrophysiological study.

Natasha Parikh
Duke University, Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D. Program

University of Denver, Biology/Psychology. Thesis: Does body inversion activate the FFA? An fMRI study. Western University, D.O.

Peter Reding
Family Medicine, University of Irvine Medical Center

University of Denver, Psychology/Criminology. University of Colorado, Boulder, J.D.

Cleo Steele
Defense Attorney, Steele Law Firm, Colorado

Pitzer College, Psychology/Philosophy. Project: Top-down influences mediate hand bias in spatial attention; Attention and tool use. Santa Clara University, MA, Counseling Psychology.

Michael Strom
MFT trainee, San Jose East Side Union High School District

University of Denver, Ph.D., ORT-L

Julia Wilbarger
Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Dominican University of California

CMC, Honors Psychology/Computer Science. Thesis: The eyes have it: The effect of emotional judgment tasks on gaze perception.

Manuel Wudke-Robles
Principal and architect, Palamino Labs

CMC, Neuroscience. Thesis: Mood and perceived fairness: the context dependency of empathy. Won Best Thesis in Neuroscience Award. MBA.

Greg Zahner
University of San Francisco, Medical School

University of Denver, Psychology. Project: Emotion communication:

Viktor Zetterholm
Math, Psychology Teacher, Psykologigymnasiet, Stockholm, Sweden

Catherine L. Reed, Ph.D.