Selected Articles
in Journals and Books

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"In Search of Literary Science: The Russian Formalist Tradition," Pacific Coast Philology 17 (1982), 69-81

"Shaw, Tolstoy, and Blake's Russian Reputation," Blake: An Illustated Quarterly 17 (1983-84), 102-04

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"Character and Genre in War and Peace: The Case of Natasha," MLN, December 1985, 1012-024

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"The Footnote as Literary Genre: Nabokov's Commentaries to Lermontov and Pushkin," Slavic and East European Journal 30 (1986), 167-82

"The Drunken Wife in Defore's Colonel Jack: An Early Description of Alcohol Addiction," Dionysos: The Literature and Addiction Triquarterly 1(1989), 3-9

"Keats and the Visual Arts," in Approaches to Teaching Keats's Poetry (New York: MLA, 1991), 86-91

"Teaching Byron in Relation to the Visual Arts," in Approaches to Teaching Byron's Poetry (New York: MLA, 1991), 45-49

"Nineteenth-Century American Female Authorship and the Discourses of Drink," in Beyond the Pleasure Dome: Writing and Addiction from the Romantics, ed. Sue Vice, Matthew Campbell, & Tim Armstrong (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1994), 299-308

"Temperance, Morality, and Medicine in the Work of Harriet Beecher Stowe," in The Serpent in the Cup: Temperance in American Literature, ed David S. Reynolds and Debra Rosenthal (Amhert: University of Massahusetts Press, 197), 136-52

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