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“Warning! I brake for garage sales.”

“Only out of chaos can a dancing star be born.”

Hey, Dad! When asked recently what the theme song of my life was I quickly replied the "Greatest American Hero Theme Song." As for favorite quotes, I evoked my Great Uncle Polonius' words for my last party invite:

"Beware of strangers bearing gifts, but be hip to those bearing drinks lest ye always the lender and never the borrower of the bar tab be... but if't be Chris Elliott you mean, he's very wild. Addicted so and so. And there puts parties on his tab from what forgeries and schemes you please; marry; none so rank as may dishonor or implicate him -- take heed of that -- But, sir, such wanton, wild, and usual slips as are companions noted and most known to YOUTH AND LIBERTY!
love, Xto