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Claremont Colleges Analysis Seminar

Timur Oikhberg
  UC Irvine

Thursday, March 5
  Davidson Lecture Hall at Claremont McKenna, 4:00 PM

Title: Norms of certain multipliers, and applications
Abstract:  We begin by showing that the restriction of an elementary Schur multiplier with the symbol $(a_i b_j)$ to a coordinate subspace $S$ of $B(l_2)$ (or, more generally, of a Schatten space) equals the supremum of $|a_i b_j|$, taken over all pairs $(i,j)$ for which the matrix unit $E_{ij}$ belongs to $S$. This result is applied to generalize Wielandt's Minimax Principle for singular numbers. Further applications include determining the membership of multiplication operators in various operator ideals.