The Congress course features a role-playing legislative simulation:

"I learned several important lessons from the simulation:

  • Sometimes being called the antichrist is a compliment;
  • Knowing parliamentary procedure is not as important as convincing someone else that you know parliamentary procedure; 
  • Definitions are important, especially the definition of definition;
  • When in doubt, stall, stall, stall, and then make a quorum call;
  • Once they get mad, they're all yours;
  • Simulation or not, victory is sweet."
      • -- Christiana N. Dominguez, 1999

  • "A chairman has dual roles: shepherd and sheepdog.  Sometimes he must tend to his flock, and sometimes he must bite them in the buttocks." -- Kevin Walkow, 2007

  • "It is easier to whip early and nice than it is to whip late and mean." -- Rylan Weythman, 2006

  • "No matter what position you take, there is sure to be a position you can fill."-- Andrew Lee, 2006

  • "There have been so many moments now in my various political jobs post-CMC where I've said, `Ah, this is just like simulation,' and my colleagues will look at me with very confused looks." -- Byron Koay, 2004, 2006


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Spring 2018 Simulation Schedule


Monday, March 26

6:30-7:00 State of the Union and Democratic Response   Roberts North 15
7:00-9:00  Committee meetings Kravis 166, 167, 168

Tuesday, March 27

6:30-9:00   Committee hearings Kravis 166, 167, 168

Wednesday,  March 28

 6:30-9:00   Committee markups Kravis 166, 167, 168

Thursday, March 29

6:30-9:00   Floor sesession  Adams Hall, Davidson Lecture


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