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Course: Math 61, Introduction to Discrete Structures

Text: R. Johnsonbaugh, Discrete Mathematics, 5th Ed., Prentice-Hall

Schedule of Lectures:

Section 1.6: Mathematical induction

Section 2.4: Relations

Section 2.5-6: Equivalence relations, matrices of relations

Section 2.8: Functions

Section 4.1: Basic counting principles

Section 4.2: Permutations and combinations

Section 4.6: Generalized permutations and combinations

Section 4.7: Binomial coefficients

Section 4.8: Pigeonhole principle

Section 5.1: Recurrence relations

Section 5.2: Solving recurrence relations (including material in exercises 40-46)

Section 6.1: Examples of graphs

Section 6.2-3: Paths and cycles

Section 6.4: Shortest-path algorithm

Section 6.5: Representation of graphs

Section 6.6: Representation of graphs

Section 6.7: Isomorphism of graphs

Section 7.1: Examples of trees

Section 7.2: More Trees

Section 7.3-4: Minimal spanning trees

Section 7.5: Binary trees

Section 5.3, 7.7: Sorting (including merge sort from 5.3)

Section 7.8: Isomorphic trees