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Course: Math 32A, Calculus of Several Variables

Text: Jerrold Marsden & Anthony Tromba, Vector Calculus, 5th Ed., Freeman

Schedule of Lectures:

Section 16.1-2: Integration in two variables, iterated integrals

Section 16.3: Integration over non-rectangular regions

Section 16.4: Integration in polar coordinates

Section 16.5: Applications of double integrals

Section 16.6: Surface area

Section 16.7: Triple integrals

Section 16.8: Integration in cylindrical and spherical coordinates

Section 16.9: Change of variables

Section 17.1: Vector fields

Section 17.2: Line integrals

Section 17.3: Fundamental theorem for line integrals

Section 17.4: Green's theorem

Section 17.5: Divergence and curl

Section 17.6: Parametric surfaces and their areas

Section 17.7: Surface integrals

Section 17.8: Stokes' theorem

Section 17.9: Gauss's theorem