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Course: Math 31B, Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Text: J. Stewart, Calculus, 5th Ed., Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

Schedule of Lectures:

Section 6.5: Review of integration, average value of a function

Section 8.7: Numerical integration, trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rule, error estimates

Section 6.1: Areas between curves

Section 6.2: Volumes

Section 6.3: Volumes by cylindrical shells

Section 6.4: Work

Section 7.1: Inverse functions

Section 7.2-4: Exponential and logarithmic functions

Section 10.4: Exponential growth and decay

Section 7.5-6: Inverse trigonometric functions; hyperbolic functions

Section 7.7: Indeterminate forms

Section 8.1: Integration by parts

Section 12.12: Taylor's theorem with remainder

Section 8.2-3: Trigonometric integrals; trigonometric substitution

Section 8.4: Partial fractions

Section 8.8: Improper integrals

Section 9.1-2: Arc length, area of surface of revolution

Section 10.1-2: Differential equations, direction fields

Section 10.3: Separable DE's, homogeneous DE's

Section 10.6: First-order linear DE's