MATH 31 (Section 1) - First Day Handout

Calculus II - Summer 2012

General information

Time and place:    MWF 9:30 am - 12:00 noon in RN 103
Instructor:             Lenny Fukshansky
Office:                   Adams 218
Phone:                   (909) 607 - 0014
Office hours:         By appointment
Class webpage:

The class webpage is a good source for all class related information; in particular, homework assignments will be posted on the class webpage weekly. Please check it regularly.

Textbook: (Required) Calculus (Fifth Custom Edition), by Strauss, Bradley, Smith (published by Prentice Hall).

Course description:

Topics to be covered: Techniques and applications of integration; introduction to differential equations; improper integrals and indeterminate forms; infinite series and power series representation of a function.

This is a one semester course designed to cover the material in the text listed above. We will follow the text closely, covering most of Chapters 6 - 8 of the book.

Mathematics 30 (Calculus I course) or placement.

Material to be covered:

The following chapters/sections of the textbook will be covered:

Chapter 6: sections 6.1 - 6.4
Chapter 7: sections 7.1 - 7.8
Chapter 8: sections 8.1 - 8.8

Course structure and grading policy

Class attendance and homework completion are required parts of the course. Homework assignments will be regularly posted on the course webpage. Although these homeworks will not be collected, there will be weekly in-class quizes on the homework material.  In addition to these quizes, there will be a comprehensive in-class final exam on the last day of class. Make-ups for quizes and/or final exam will only be given with documented CMC-approved excuses (see College Regulations). Here is the class schedule:

Quiz 1 - Friday, May 25
Quiz 2 - Friday, June 1
Quiz 3 - Friday, June 8
Quiz 4 - Friday, June 15
Quiz 5 - Friday, June 22
Final Exam - Friday, June 29

The grade break-down will be as follows:

The grading scale used for this class will be:
I reserve the right to introduce a curve (up or down) at the end of the Summer Session depending on the class's overall performance.

Special policies

Please notice that confidentiality reasons prevent me from providing you with any information regarding your performance in this class except for in person. Please DO NOT  email or call with any kind of grade inquiries.

The following are basic rules that all students should follow in order not to disturb the class.
The use of calculators, or any other electronic devices, as well as any books or notes, is prohibited during all tests.

Summer session schedule and important dates

Check the Summer 2012 Academic Calendar for this information.

Additional useful information is contained on the CMC Summer Session 2012 webpages.

The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the class policies.

All printed handouts and web-materials are protected by US Copyright Laws. No multiple copies can be made without written permission by the instructor.