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Research Papers

Use the links below to access abstracts and the most current pdf versions of my papers. Papers are roughly organized by topic. If nothing is linked for a particular title, please check back at a later date. Also, some of these papers are very much works in progress, and are therefore updated quite frequently. Please take note of this before citing.

Crime and the Judicial System

"Making the Crime Fit the Penalty: The Role of Prosecutorial Discretion Under Mandatory Minimum Sentencing," Journal of Law and Economics (2005).

"Measuring the Relationship Between Youth Criminal Participation and Household Economic Resources," Journal of Quantitative Criminology (2007).

"Racial Profiling, Statistical Discrimination, and the Effect of a Colorblind Policy on the Crime Rate," Journal of Public Economic Theory (2007).

"Guilt Shall Not Escape or Innocence Suffer: The Limits of Plea Bargaining When Defendant Guilt is Uncertain," American Law and Economics Review (2007).

"On the Role of Plea Bargaining and the Distribution of Sentences in the Absence of Judicial System Frictions," International Review of Law and Economics (2008).

"How Much Can We Trust Causal Interpretations of Fixed Effects Estimators in the Context of Criminality?" Journal of Quantitative Criminology (2009).

"Thieves, Thugs, and Neighborhood Poverty," Journal of Urban Economics (2010).

"Re-examining the Longer-term Impact of Dropping out on Criminal and Labor Market Outcomes," Economics of Education Review (2012)

"Inter-Judge Sentencing Disparity on the Federal Bench: An Examination of Drug Smuggling Cases in the Southern District of California," joint with Caleb Mason, Federal Sentencing Reporter (2013).

"The Market for Mules: Risk and Compensation for Cross-Border Drug Couriers", joint with Caleb Mason, International Review of Law and Economics (2014).

Race and Gender in the Labor Market

"The Differing Nature of Black-White Wage Inequality Across Occupational Sectors," Journal of Human Resources (2007).

"Assortative Marriage and the Effects of Government Homecare Subsidy Programs on Gender Wage and Participation Inequality," joint with Seungjin Han, Journal of Public Economics (2007).

"Glass Ceilings or Sticky Floors? Statistical Discrimination in a Dynamic Model of Hiring and Promotion " Economic Journal (2008).

"Beauty vs. Earnings: Gender Differences in Human Capital, Earnings, and Priorities Over Spousal Characteristics in a Matching Model," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2009).

"Household Formation and Gender Human Capital Inequality," (Working Paper)


"In Front of and Behind the Veil of Ignorance: An Analysis of Motivations for Redistribution Inside and Outside the Lab " (Working Paper)

"Seeking Information in a World of Biased Misinformation" (Working Paper)

Contact Information:

Email address: david.bjerk @ cmc.edu

Phone: (909) 607-4471

Address: 313 Bauer Center North, 500 E. Ninth St., Claremont, CA 91711