Using the Claremont Stata Wiki on Sakai


Becoming a member:

  1. Login to Sakai.
  2. Create a Profile if you have not already: Go to "Profile" on left-hand side and create a profile - all you need is your name and your email. You can forget the rest if you want.
  3. Go to "Membership" link below "Profile". Click "Joinable Sites". In the Search bar on the right, search "STATA"
  4. The STATA - Claremont site should show up. Join.
  5. Once in the STATA tab that you have now joined, click "Wiki" link on the left-hand side.

Once a member, to get back to Stata Wiki:

  1. Login to Sakai.
  2. Click on “Worksite Setup” (on left-hand bar).
  3. Click on “Stata Claremont”
  4. Click on “Wiki” (on left-hand bar)

Once on the wiki, users can browse or add to the wiki. To add to the wiki, click "Edit" and edit directly into the text, as opposed to making comments.

Login to Sakai