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Text: Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis,= 3rd edition

         We will cover chapters 7-11 and 14.


Time: TTh 1:15-2:30


Room:  Da= vidson Lecture Hall in Adams Hall.


Instructor: M. O’Neill

Office: Adams 214        =   

Phone/e-mail: 607-8336/moneill@mckenna.edu

Web page:         http://math.cmc.edu/moneill/      


Office Hours: M 1-2:30, F 1-2:30





7. Survey sampling

8. Estimation of parameters and fitting of probability= distributions

9. Testing hypotheses and assessing goodness of fit.

10. Summarizing data

11. Comparing two samples

14. Linear Least Squares



The goal of this course is to give the student a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the basic techniques of univariate statistical inference.


There will be one assignment per chapter. In each assi= gnment there will be 5 problems to turn in, including at least one which requires = the use of the computer to analyze data. There will also be five more suggested problems per assignment.

There will be two take home midterms (8 problems, cumulative) and a final exam. The final exam will have a take home part (10 problems, cumulative) and an in-class part.



Grading:   Each component of your grade, (Homework, midterm= s , final) will be given roughly equal weight.



Classroom behavior:


    You will be required to use the software package “R” in this course.

    It  is available on all computers in Poppa laboratory, at least o= ne lab that I know of at Pomona college (Andrew) and in the North house at CGU (on about 6 machines). The software is open source and may be freely downloaded from the internet to y= our own personal computer as well. I will demonstrate the R code that you need = for your assignments in class and I will make electronic files of what I do in class available to you by e-mail and on my personal webpage. The diskette included with your text contains most of the data files that you will need = for your assignments but is missing a few of them. I will provide these as need= ed.