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        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =   Math 151/O’Neill

        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;     Syllabus



Text: Bertsekas and Tsitsiklis, Introduction to Probability, 2nd edition

        =   Hsu, Probability, Random Variable and Random Processes (Schaum’s Outline)


We will cover chapters 1-5 of the first text. The seco= nd text will be used as a source of homework problems and exam problems. It may also be useful as a supplementary reference.        =        


Time: MW 4:15-5:30


Room: RN 104


Instructor: M. O’Neill

Office: Adams 214        =   

e-mail: moneill@cmc.edu        =        


Office Hours: W  2:30-4:00   F 2:00-3:30


Grading:   =  9 homework assignments 33%

        =             &nb= sp;            

        =            2 midterms, 33%


               =     Final exam  33%


Exam Dates: 1st midterm Wednesday Oct. 8

        =             &nb= sp; 2nd midterm Wednesday Nov. 12


Other important items:


    Tips on performing well in this class:


    1.      Work problems EVERY day until the final exam.

    2.      Find someone in the class to study with.

    3.      Ask the instructor if you can’t figure something out.

    4.       Take advantage of office hours and = the tutoring center.

    5.       Get help EARLY. It will be too late= by the time an exam gets close.

            =             &nb= sp;