JUST REVENGE - Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty

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Full Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1:  A Long Bloody Past

    Executions in the United States 
    The Abolition Movement 
    Why We Must Kill the Killers 
    Historical Trends

CHAPTER 2:  From Trial to Execution Chamber

    Two Landmark Decisions 
    How the System Works Today 
      Jury Selection and Death-Qualification 
      The Capital Murder Trial 
      Jurors in Capital Murder Trials 
      The Sentencing Phase Instructions 
      The Appeals Process 
      Death Row

CHAPTER 3:  Is the Death Penalty Inhumane?

    Ropes, Bullets, Electricity, Gas, and Poison 
    Between Sentencing and Execution: Life on Death Row 
    Waiting for the Executioner 
    The Execution Ritual 
    Cruelty from a Safe Distance

CHAPTER 4:  Is the Death Penalty Cheaper than Life Imprisonment?

    The Price Tag 
    Why the Death Penalty is so Costly 
    Streamlining the System to Cut Costs

CHAPTER 5:  Is the Death Penalty Fairly Applied?

    All the Justice Money Can Buy 
    Justice in Black and White 
    The Supreme Court's View of Race 
    Wrongful Conviction and Execution 
    Why Death is Different

CHAPTER 6:  Does the Death Penalty Deter Potential Murderers?

    The Evidence 
    Why Killing Doesn't Deter Killers 
    Another Possibility

CHAPTER 7:  Does the Public Support the Death Penalty?

    What the Surveys Tell Us 
    The Dynamics of Public Opinion 
    What Drives Public Support? 
    Support for Alternative Punishments

CHAPTER 8:  Is Killing Murderers Morally Justified?

    The Bible Tells me so 
    Moral Philosophy and the Functions of Punishment 
    Moral Responsibility and Free Will 
    Just Revenge 
    What about the Victims?

CHAPTER 9:  The Politics and Future of Killing:  Symbolism and Realism

    Other Western Democracies 
    Toward Abolition 
    The Politics of Killing 
    The Role of the Media 
    The Alternative to Killing: LWOP+R 
    The Message We Send 
    In Conclusion