Amy Kind

Claremont McKenna College


My introductory textbook, Persons and Personal Identity, is now available here.


Selected papers available online


On Imagination:


·       “Desire-Like Imagination,” penultimate draft, to be published in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Imagination, ed. Amy Kind

·       “How Imagination Gives Rise to Knowledge,” draft, to be published in Perceptual Memory and Perceptual Imagination, Oxford University Press, ed. F. Macpherson and F. Dorsch

·       “Imaginative Presence,” draft, to be published in Perceptual Presence, Oxford University Press, ed. F. Dorsch, M. Nide-Rumelin, and F. Macpherson

·       “The Heterogeneity of Imagination,” Erkenntnis 78: 141-159 (2013)

·       “The Puzzle of Imaginative Desire,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89: 421-439 (2011)

·       "Putting the Image Back in Imagination,"  Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 62: 85-109 (2001)  Word file


On Consciousness:


·       “Pessimism About Russellian Monism,” to be published in Consciousness in the Physical World: Essays on Russellian Monism, Oxford University Press, ed. T. Alter and Y. Nagasawa

·       “The Case Against Representationalism About Moods,” in Current Controversies in Philosophy of Mind, ed. by Uriah Kriegel, Routledge Press (2013)

·       “How to Believe in Qualia,” in The Case for Qualia, ed. by Edmond Wright , MIT Press (2008)

·       “Restrictions on Representationalism,” Philosophical Studies 134: 405-427 (2007)  Word file

·       Panexperientialism, Cognition, and the Nature of Experience,” Psyche 12 (2006) Word file

·       "What's So Transparent About Transparency," Philosophical Studies 115: 225-244 (2003) Word file

·       "Qualia Realism," Philosophical Studies 104: 143-162 (2001) Word file  PDF file




·       "The Metaphysics of Personal Identity and Our Special Concern for the Future," Metaphilosophy 35: 536-553 (2004)  Word file

·       "Shoemaker, Self-Blindness and Moore's Paradox," Philosophical Quarterly 53: 39-48 (2003)  Word file



Selected Reviews


Review of James Garvey, ed., Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Mind in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Review of David Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Ethics in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews



Online Encyclopedia Articles


My entry on "The Intentional Stance" in Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

My entry on Qualia in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My entry on “Imagery and Imagination” in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My entry on “Introspection” in the  Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy



For Fun


“ ‘I’m Sharon but I’m a Different Sharon’: The Identity of Cylons,” in Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy, ed. Jason T. Eberl, Blackwell (2008)

“Time—The Final Frontier,” in Star Trek and Philosophy: The Wrath of Kant, ed. Kevin Decker and Jason T. Eberl, Open Court (2008)



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I also edit the Imagination category on PhilPapers.