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About Us


Meet the Lab!

Alison Harris [CV]

Principal Investigator

Dr. Harris has extensive experience using event-related potentials (ERP) to study the timing and dynamics of neural activity related to perception and cognition. She received her PhD from Harvard University, where she studied face perception with Dr. Ken Nakayama. Her current research examines the neural correlates of decision-making in the context of dietary and financial choice.


Khemara Has

DNL Research Coordinator

Khemara is a graduate student at the Claremont Graduate University. She has previously studied working memory and cognitive control, and her current research interests include the role of inhibition in dietary self-regulation.

Current Research Assistants

• Kelly Chan, Claremont McKenna College

• Samuel Dunham, Claremont McKenna College

• Carol Lam, Claremont McKenna College

• Iris Lieuw, Scripps College

Lab Alumni

• Alex Mendoza, Claremont McKenna College

• John Tuddenham, Columbia University